Welcome to TheGame!

If you have been sent to this page,

it serves as both a focusing tool and as a warm up to show how really upset you have made other people, in the belief that your actions are beyond scrutiny, and in thinking you have different rights without consequence.

Further your naive arrogance in thinking your position means your protected, but don't worry you are in good company, individuals, brand name corporations, small businesses even a solicitors firms and others have been through this process before you.

To be removed is simple. Welcome...............................to fpowhtctw

If you have been one of the named people or companies invited to appear in our unlucky category, look back on your file and you will see this is the final chance you been given.

You still have choices, please do not choose to not to do what is right at this late stage, this is the last chance do the right thing or report yourself to your manager, director, ceo, leader or your board or try the courts, however, courts demand clean hands prior to any performances.

It's a strange but fun hobby correcting mistakes that impact on life, shifting a mountain or two (A mountain to one, might be a pebble to others, but if they are troubled it needs moving).

Before you read anything else, please understand the position.

Many people are good, some excellent, others have made an impacted through mistakes, some have believed they are better than normal everyday people because they work for an organisation of dominance. 

Laws are often made because of the minority being bad, it's obvious to most people so most people are good, some bend and flex the rules, but some just feel they are the rules, this is where this hobby gets most interesting.